John Hilvert and Linda Bruce’s original research reveals the struggles encountered in establishing an aged care residence facility in Mallacoota. Called the MIVA-MIVA project and later Croajingalong Lodge.

It is broken up into several downloadable  chapters (PDF format).

Chapter 1: Whither MIVA-MIVA? The vision of Aged Residential Care Services in
Mallacoota (1954-1989)

Chapter 2: Bush Nursing Centre abandons the Aged Care Hostel Project (1989-1991)

Chapter 3: Bush Nursing Centre Chaos (1992-1995)

Chap 4 – the Bairnsdale Take-Over (Revised 30 June 2018)

Chap 5 – Where’s the Money (as at 30 June)

Chap 8 – MDHSS moves from residential age care (2005-2017)

Four Surveys of Aged Care Demand

Dench McClean Carlson report: Feasibility of Establishing Residential Aged Care in Mallacoota Results of Consultation and Initial Option Development (21 Nov 2013)

Edition 1690 10th May 2018 – Demand for Age Care :(2004-2018): Extract from Mallacoota Mouth, Edition 1690, 10 May 2018

Mallacoota gap analysis : Dan Hilvert Advisory’s Analysis of Aged Care Demand (April 2018)

How much do Nursing Homes Cost (July 2018)

Where have the elders gone (July 2018)